Muck Diving Cape Town

Cape Town muck diving and macro photography
ZAR 1350 pp (max 2 inc. equipment)
ZAR 1900 pp (single diver rate inc equipment)

Muck diver South Africa

Muck diving in Cape Town.

Muck diving is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about diving in Cape Town, but speak to the local divers and you’ll soon find they all have their favorite spots for hunting out elusive and fascinating critters to observe and photograph. On those marginal days where conditions may not be best for a boat dive on the most popular dive sites it’s often a good Idea to focus on the finer details – you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

The dive sites of Cape Town boast a huge diversity of marine life. While many charters focus on the mega-fauna, there is a wealth of micro-life to explore, that is often missed . Slow your pace right down, stop and observe properly before you decide to move on.

Shark egg.

Suddenly you’ll start to see everything you’d usually glance over. Many creatures that may have darted for shelter on your clumsy arrival may start to reappear from their hiding places and may even become curious about your presence. You’ll start to see animals and behaviors you never expected as dramas and interactions play out beneath your nose like a mini soap opera. Muck Diving Cape Town is highly rewarding.

Sea Hare on a muck dive

Sea Hare

Guided muck dives with Oceans Africa are best conducted one-on-one with an absolute maximum ratio of two divers per dive guide. These dives just don’t work in big groups as the areas explored usually comprise of fine silt or sand that is easily stirred up into a blizzard of low visibility. The guides and Dive Masters we work with are specially selected for their knowledge of the local area and experience in seeking out the unusual.

At Oceans Africa we feel it’s time to move away from bucket-list type dive experience towards highly personalised and exclusive dive experiences.

Our dive trips are customised to suit your schedule and your needs, with professional guides and equipment included. Many of our  sites are accessible from shore while others can be accessed with our boat Sea Otter

If you are a qualified dive instructor or divemaster we welcome you to guide your own small groups so let us know what you need for and we can arrange it all for you.

Ask us about including muck diving Cape Town into your itinerary and complete the booking form or email us at for more information.

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