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Oceans Africa has been hosting and scuba diving and whale watching experiences in South Africa for more than 20 years.

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Our Ocean Story

What we do, why we do it and who we do it with!

Oceans Africa was a passion project started in 2002 by Graeme Grant.

The company now represents a collaboration between dive centers, boat charters, whale watching operators, dive instructors and guides. With partners and associates in all the main coastal centers of South Africa.

A tour with Oceans Africa puts you in touch with the right people in the right places!


Graeme has worked in marine tourism since 1995 He knows the South African industry from the inside, having worked as a skipper and dive guide in all the main coastal regions from KwaZulu Natal to Cape Town.

Graem Grant Skipper

“In 2002 I worked KwaZulu Natal for several years, where I helped to develop the techniques and protocols necessary to conduct baited dives on Protea Banks. My initial reservations about baited shark dives and the possible negative impacts of shark baiting faded rapidly as realised how powerful these experiences were for our clients.  I am now convinced that increased public awareness through shark tourism is the only hope these animals have of achieving any form of protective status”.

It's not about us - it's about them!

Enabling our youth through access.

“When I first started diving it was all about my personal gratification – all the places I could go, the wildlife I could see and my development as a diver. Teaching diving changed that and I started to find my place in a the diving community 

Becoming a father and parent of twins prompted another profound shift. Helping children and teens to have access to the ocean has become a a big part of what we do.

When children connect with wild places and  experience nature they are inspired to learn, understand, love and protect”

 It’s not about us anymore – it’s now about them!”

Graeme, Oceans Africa

Child Friendly

Fun, safe, family boat adventures!

Our Partners

Through partnerships and collaboration we become something bigger than our individual parts – a team of passionate professionals and storytellers with the experience and depth of knowledge to create relaxed, yet safe and informative adventures, that set us above the standard tour company.

Our Core Values

We feel that it’s time to move away from bucket list style experiences, towards providing more personalised and intimate charter services. Conducting experiences with sensitivity and respect for the wildlife we hope to enjoy while inspiring passion, love and the desire to protect.


Friends of Oceans Africa

Meet some of the cool people we love to work with...

Oceans Africa was founded through passion and collaboration. In the true spirit of Ubuntu we love to partner with independent dive instructors, guides and organisations to deliver exceptional ocean experiences to our clients.

Black Mermaid Foundation

Zandi Ndhlovu

Black Mermaid Foundation

Carel Van Der Cloff

Carel Van Der Cloff

RAID instructor & Tour Guide

Danel Wentzel

Danel Wentzel

PADI Instructor & Presenter

Ryan Burchill

Ryan Burchill

PADI Course Director

Work with us.

Be a part of our Vision

If you like what we do and can see ways to collaborate, Oceans Africa would love to hear from you. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you do, there are ways we can work together!

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