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Subwing freediving south africa

Freediving Sessions with the Subwing

Subwing charters from ZAR 550 per person

First time divers often describe the feeling of being underwater as just like flying – with the Subwing this has never been more true. Oceans Africa keep a Subwing on board our boat  for use on our freediving and snorkeling safaris.

Subwing Cape Town

What is the Subwing?

The Subwing is a actually a two wings mounted on a central pivot that is towed behind the boat.

In 2010 teenager Simon Sivertsen started to refine the Subwing concept into an award winning product and global brand that is now taking the watersports world by storm.

Flying the Subwing is very intuitive. As soon as you’ve mastered the equalizing technique you will start to enjoy the freedom of flying underwater, diving deeper and even doing barrel rolls. The Subwing is suitable for young and old, and it is quick and easy to learn.

Freediving with the Subwing
Subwing Pilot

Subwing Freediving Sessions

While the boat tows at a slow and steady pace,  the subwing is easily manuevered by tilting the wings at different angles. Simply hang on to the wings and steer in the direction you want to go, tilting the wings down to dive deeper and up to resurface.

The dive sites of Cape Town support a huge diversity of marine life and different diving environments. With the Subwing you can explore them all, flying through kelp forest and over rocky reef and sand.

If you are a qualified dive instructor or divemaster we welcome you to guide your own small groups so let us know what you need for and we can arrange it all for you.

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