Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Sunset & sunrise cruises and charters

Book a private Sunset Cruise Cape Town with Oceans Africa and experience False Bay in all it’s spectacular glory. Join us on our boat Sea Otter as as we search for the gold light on a sunrise or sunset charter. Oceans Africa is a dive tour and boat charter company operating from Simonstown where we run scuba diving, freediving and sundowner boat trips around Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula. 

Sunset Cruise Cape Town
False Bay Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Sunset cruise departs Simonstown

Sunset cruises in False Bay are simply magical as you are surrounded by ever changing light reflecting off the sea and mountains.

This is without doubt the best time to be at sea, to experience wild places and make deeper connections with the world and each other.

This exclusive sundowner tour departs from Simonstown at approx 4 30pm and lasts 2.5 – 3hrs allowing plenty of time to stop and enjoy the changing light with some drinks and snacks.

Champagne Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Romantic Sunset Cruise

Treat the special person in your life to a private sunset boat charter in False Bay with champagne and flowers!

Seal Island Sunset Cruise

Seal Island Sunset Cruise Cape Town

This is the ultimate sunset cruise Cape Town option. Seal Island in False Bay is teeming with life and is simply spectacular in the early morning or late afternoon light.

Seal Island is one of our favorite places for sundowners in False Bay as all the birds are coming home to roost and the island is full of noise and bustle. This sunset cruise is especially suited to photographers looking for wildlife shots in the golden hour. Join us for the best sunset cruise Cape Town can offer!

Seal Island sunset cruise Cape Town
Sunset boat trip to Seal Island

Exclusive Seal Island Sunset Cruise

Seal Island Sunset

Book this amazing experience with Oceans Africa in Cape Town and enjoy a private sunset boat charter to Seal Island, False Bay.

Sunset cruise Cape Town with Moonrise
Sunset and moonrise boat trip

Sunset and Moonrise

Fullmoon rise and sunset cruise

Every month there are two evenings where the moon-rise coincides with the sunset. This is the night before and the night of the full moon, when guests on our sunset cruises are treated to the extra special experience of seeing the full moon rise over the mountains of False Bay. 

Oceans Africa are the only company in Cape Town offering this amazing sunset cruise experience to our clients, so don’t miss out on the next opportunity! 


Bio-luminesence at sea

Sometimes conditions in False Bay are just right to encourage blooms of Red Tide – a plankton dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans  that is prone to population explosions under the right conditions.

During the day, it can form thick slicks on the surface similar in appearance to tomato soup, that is sometimes mistaken for pollution.

At night these tiny organisms emit a cold blue light when agitated and the collective glow from billions and billions of them can be spectacular lighting up the boats wake with with an almost neon glow.

Bio Lum Sunset Cruise
Bio-luminesence in the water at sundown

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