Swim, Scuba Dive or Snorkel with Seals Cape Town

Snorkel with SEALS CAPE TOWN

“It takes a true encounter to realise that real animals, wild animals, have all but passed from our lives.”

John Burnside

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Best Seal Snorkeling Cape Town options?

Join Oceans Africa for exclusive seal snorkeling and scuba diving charters!

Snorkel with seals in Cape Town and join Oceans Africa for a private seal snorkeling or scuba diving charter on our boat Sea Otter. Our Seal snorkeling and scuba diving tours are available all year round. Depending on the season we may launch from Simonstown or Hout Bay where we are able to access the best seal snorkeling sites on Cape Town’s Southern peninsular.

Our seal snorkeling trips in Cape Town are private, family friendly charters, with low ratios that allow for a more personalised and exclusive experience.

Snorkel with Seals
Seal snorkeling in Cape Town

Seal Snorkeling Cape Town

Swim, snorkel or scuba dive with seals!

Snorkeling with seals in Cape Town is a truly amazing wildlife experience and it’s a real privilege to be able to engage with these animals in the wild.

Cape fur seals are one of several species of Otariidae  found globally. Fur seals are closely related to sea lions and are gregarious, social and curious.

The inquisitive nature of seals and sealions makes them one of only a few wild animals that will allow, human interaction – a true wildlife encounter on the animals terms!

When conducted with sensitively and care, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming with seals can be one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences.

Seal snorkeling encounters are available the whole year round and Oceans Africa will take you to the best sites on the day, according to the conditions and your groups experience. 


Seal Colonies in Cape Town

Where do seals gather in Cape Town?

There are several sites around Cape Town where you can find large congregations of Cape fur seals.

The main breeding colonies are at Robben Island in Table Bay, Duiker Island near Hout Bay and Seal Island in False Bay, which supports as many as 70 000 seals during pupping season.

As well as the breeding colonies there, are also several smaller haul-out locations that serve as important rest areas for cape fur seals. Partridge Point in False Bay and Strawberry Rocks, near Oudekraal are the two most popular seal interaction sites with the Cape Town dive charter operators.

Seals at Seal Island
Seals at Seal Island False Bay
Snorkel with seals Cape Town
Fur seal at Partridge Point

Seal Swimming All Year-round

Best time and place to dive with seals?

Seal encounters can be enjoyed all year round, so where is the best place to swim with seals in Cape Town? The answer depends on the time of year and the conditions on the day.

Duiker Island near Hout Bay, supports a colony of about 5000 Cape Fur seals. As a general rule the seal snorkeling at Duiker Island is best in the Summer months when there are the most seal pups and the winter swells have abated. The island provides shelter from the prevailing SE winds in summer that can make diving impossible in False Bay.

Partridge Point in False Bay is a haul-out and rest area for approximately 300 seals. Despite having fewer seals, Partridge Point is perhaps the best year-round seal snorkeling location and is often the only option to snorkel or dive with the seals in winter months. False Bay is protected from SW swells and visibility is often better than the Atlantic seaboard at that time.

As with all ocean activities our seal snorkeling trips depend on the weather and the sea state to be successful, so it’s always good to have a few days available to re-schedule if necessary and avoid disappointment.

When planning your seal snorkeling Cape Town adventure we will be able to suggest the best options on the day, so give us a call and we can give you the latest updates on conditions and activity.

What Makes Us Different?

Private seal snorkeling charters!

At Oceans Africa we believe you deserve the best possible experience we can deliver. It’s time to move away from bucket-list type tourism to more personalised and exclusive experiences.

We like to take our time on our seal swimming charters, exploring the local area in search of other marine life on the way.

We always try to stay flexible and adapt our charters to our clients interests, the conditions and the sightings. Our seal snorkeling trips can launch from Simonstown, Kommetjie or Hout Bay to access the best seal snorkeling sites on the day.

Our charters are private seal snorkeling charters which allows for closer supervision and a high degree of personal service.

Dive with seals Cape Town
Divers surfacing at Partridge point
Seal snorkeling boat Cape Town
Our seal snorkeling boat

Our Seal Snorkeling Boat

You'll love our boat Sea Otter!

Oceans Africa invites you to join us on our boat Sea Otter for a  private seal snorkeling charter in the Cape Town area.

With a permit to conduct scuba  diving and snorkeling operations in the TMNP  MPAs, Sea Otter is able to launch from both Hout Bay or Simon’s Town allowing us to choose the best seal snorkeling sites on the day. 

Sea Otter is licensed to carry 5 passengers plus your skipper and dive guide. She is the perfect boat for small groups, families and private seal snorkel tours. 

With a swim platform at the stern allowing easy entry and exit from the water, Sea Otter is a fantastic boat for scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling and swimming with seals.

Seal Snorkeling Safety.

Is it safe to swim with seals?

Safety is the primary concern in all wildlife experiences however no encounter with wild animals is completely without risk. For this reason we insist on having an experienced guide in the water with you at all times during your seal snorkeling interactions.

Cape fur seals are curious, playful and excitable. They are seldom aggressive in the water and if threatened, they will generally choose flight over fight.

There are however best practices that minimize any risk and our clients are thoroughly briefed on general safety and behavior before entering the water.

Seal Snorkeling Cape Town
Snorkeling with seals in Cape Town

Smaller group ratios on our boat allows for better supervision and minimal disturbance. We always approach with caution and introduce ourselves slowly, allowing the seals time to get comfortable with our presence. As both seals and clients start to relax the interactions become better and better, while our seal snorkeling guides are always sensitive to the spacial needs of the animals and to any changes in the seals’ behavior.

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