Sardine Run Tours and Charters 2017.

Dive the Sardine Run

The Sardine Run

Sardine run tours 2017: For the sardine run this year, we are offering a some very exciting options. The Wildcoast sardine run packages from Mboyti remain at 2015 prices !!!

There are also great sardine run tour options from Coffee Bay and Mpame as well as 2 weeks available from East London if you want to place your bets on the sardine run action further south!

The action on the sardine run can be so varied as to take in almost the entire scope of what you have seen on Blue Planet and Discovery. However you need time, you need, patience and you need luck. You may or may not get the whole baitball experience but you should still have some amazing dives.

Dive The Sardine Run

Sardine Run Bait Ball

The dives during your sardine run are totally dependent on the nature of activity on the day. The sharks, the dolphins and the birds associated with the sardine run should all be there waiting for the shoals to arrive, so dives with them are almost a given! Some days you may be in and out the water 20 times on scuba or snorkel. Other days you may find stable activity or do longer dives on the local reef or wrecks.

The migration of humpback whales at that time, although, unrelated to the sardine run, will also keep you active. The shear number of whales passing each day is spectacular in itself. So while you wait for the sardine run action to kick-off the whale and dolphin encounters should provide ample distraction.

Sardine Run Tours and Charters

Sardine Run Tours

The sardine run is a totally wild, unpredictable event so if you are looking for a real African experience with adventure diving at it’s best,  you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

For those of you travelling down from Durban for the sardine run we can also arrange some extra days diving on the south coast at Aliwal Shaol. Each week during the sardine run we will also be offering daily charters from Shelly Beach to Protea Banks – so great shark and whale action almost a guarantee if you don’t manage to get to the sardine run itself !


Sardine Run Tours 2017:


March 1, 2017

Sardine Run Tours

Sardine Run Tours and Charters 2017. Sardine run tours 2017: For the sardine run this year, we are offering a some very exciting options. The Wildcoast sardine […]
November 29, 2016
Sardine Run Tour Mbotyi Wildcoast

Sardine Run Mbotyi

Sardine Run Tour: Mboyti Wildcoast SARDINE RUN PACKAGES MBOTYI 2017 11 days sardine run ZAR 59 000 9 days  sardine run ZAR 46 000 7 days sardine run  ZAR 33 000 Single rates […]
November 29, 2016
Sardine Run Package Coffee Bay

Sardine Run Coffee Bay

Sardine Run Tour: Coffee Bay SARDINE RUN COFFEE BAY 2017 4 days sardine run ZAR 27 000 Single rates on request. SARDINE RUN COFFEE BAY TOUR: This is a 5 night […]
November 29, 2016
The Sardine Run

Sardine Run Tour Mpame

Sardine Run Tour: Mpame SARDINE RUN PACKAGES MPAME 2017 7 days sardine run ZAR 27 500 Single rates on request. The most flexible sardine run package available. Any 6 nights at […]


ZAR 25 000 per person sharing
Single rates on request.
Based at Buccaneer’s Lodge, in Cintsa, just north of East London.
A week on the Sardine Run from East London includes:

Accommodation for seven nights on a full-board basis, five days at sea, activities on the rest (or weather) day and daily transfers between the lodge and the launch site in East London. Cylinders and weights included,  additional equipment rental is extra.

There are also a wide range of activities to keep you busy when not on the water, from Zip-lining to cultural tours, horse-riding, surfing, kayaking, craft-beer tours etc.  Single supplementary is available on request.




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