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Sardine Run Mbotyi 2023

Sardine Run Mboyti, Wildcoast - 8 night Package

First week starts: 29th June 2024 8 x nights superior accommodation. 7 x sea days From ZAR 63 000 per person sharing.

Mbotyi at the heart of the Wildcoast is regarded by many to be the best Sardine Run location. This is the most comprehensive sardine run package on offer. The launching from Mboyti allows access to the Port St Johns area to the south as well as the spectacular cliffs around Waterfall Bluff and the beautiful coastline from Port Grosvenor to Mkambati Nature Reserve.

Sardine Run Mbotyi - Tour Package Information:

Do the sardine run in style this year with the ultimate sardine run experience from the 4 star Mbotyi River Lodge.

Arrival Durban: The transfer from Durban to Mbotyi takes approx. 5 hours by road. It is best for your flight to arrives in Durban before midday it is not recommended to drive the rural roads roads in the dark. Oceans Africa will arrange the necessary transfers.

Mbotyi River Lodge Wildcoast
Mbotyi River Lodge

At the 4 star Mbotyi River Lodge clients will settle in and prepare their gear for the next day’s action. After a sumptuous 3 course dinner clients will discuss the next day’s plan with your divemaster, skipper and micro-light plot. They will have a good idea of where and what the sardine run action has been and will be able to brief accordingly.

Sardine Run Action days: Each day will include approximately 5 hours on the water in search of sardine related activity. The aim is to locate shoals of sardines and view the feeding activity of dolphins, seals sharks and migrating humpback whales. By the time you launch the microlight is usually in the air to direct the boats to what’s happening on the water.

Once sardine run activity has been found its all stations go. You may prefer to enter the water with mask and snorkel or with scuba. The action is usually fast and furious requiring you to jump in and out of the boat many times.

Sardine Run is open to non divers !!!
Sardine Run Action

The sardine run action varies from day to day. On some days it can take in almost the entire scope of what you have seen on Blue Planet and Discovery. However you need time, you need, patience and you need luck. You may or may not get the whole bait-ball experience but you are sure to have amazing dives.

After an action filled day at sea, clients may choose to relax. Those more adventurous, might want to enjoy the surrounding countryside.

Due to the expeditionary nature of this event there will be no refund for any no-fly or no-launch days. Sea days lost to bad weather will not be refunded. Alternative land- based activities will be offered to clients and lost time at sea will be added to later trips where possible.

Sardine Run Surf Launching
Sardine Run RIB Launch

Afternoon Activities at Mbotyi River Lodge: Mbotyi is in the heart of rural South Africa. The lodge plays and vital role bringing jobs and income into the community and the Sardine Run is a very important part of the local tourism industry. Activities offered by Mbotyi River Lodge are available to all clients that would like to do something in the afternoon instead of just relaxing by the pool. There will be a small service charge levied by the Lodge and all bookings need to be done in advance.

Wildcoast Sardine Run Tours
The coast near Mbotyi

Sangoma and village tour: Walk through the local village and meet the wonderful people and learn more about their traditional way of life. You can then visit the local Sangoma (medicine man) and receive his blessing for a good sardine run.

Micro light Flips: Take a ride in the Micro Light and see the action and the coastline from a different.The first 5 min is free, if you would like a longer flight you can negotiate it with the microlight pilot.

Walks and hikes and drives:The walks are all graded from professional hiking to the casual and there are experienced guides who will show you the way safely.

This Sardine Run Package Includes:

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Sardine Run Package Mbotyi
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