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Diving and whale whale watching expeditions: The expeditions, tours and packages offered by Oceans Africa enable the adventure traveler to connect with nature and like-minded individuals in more meaningful ways. By sharing passion, knowledge, skills and stories in a group environment, our itineraries combine cultural, historical and wildlife experiences to make a rich and authentic travel itinerary.

Why should you join a group tour ? By taking advantage of group rates, the power of numbers allows us to offer more than just the standard diving or whale watching tour. Group tours are led by an Oceans Africa representative with local knowledge, who is always there to handle logistics and ensure smooth running, leaving you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your holiday to the max !

How do you join a group tour? Group packages and expedition costings are based on a minimum of four clients. If you are interested in a particular expedition we will put you on the waiting list. Each expedition has a cut-off date where we will decide if the tour is viable (usually three months before departure).  Once a tour is considered viable, clients will then have two weeks to confirm with a deposit. As soon as deposits are in , the tour is confirmed and you can book your flights.

Sign up for notifications on expeditions and  group tours. If you’d like to receive notifications on group tours and packages then send us an email to info@oceansafrica.com and we’ll keep your details on file.

If you are a single traveler and would like to join with others on diving or whale watching tour we can try match you to our existing client base so you save on costs and share the experience.


Diving and Whale Watching Expeditions 2022:

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